Responsive Dementia Care by Helen and James Whitworth

Why This Book is Relevant to You

Dementia related behaviors can leave you feeling helpless, frustrated and overwhelmed. They are among the most daunting of dementia symptoms, respond poorly to many behavior management drugs and show up early with Lewy body dementia (LBD).

Responsive Dementia Care provides you with a toolbox of skills. With these new skills you can respond in ways that can decrease these behaviors and increase the quality of life.

Responsive dementia care:

  • Increases quality of life
  • Decreases caregiver burnout

Using your own:

  • Knowledge and easy to learn skills
  • Understanding
  • Acceptance
  • Empathy

You can:

  • Decrease dementia-related behaviors
  • Increase communication
  • Decrease need for behavior management drugs
Responsive Dementia Care, Fewer Behaviors, Fewer Drugs - Lewy Body and Other Dementias


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